Hair today, gone today!!!


So the day arrived and the nerves were really setting in. But then all the messages of support started arriving via text, facebook and twitter – so thank you to all of you!
Then the even better news – I had broken through the barrier of the first thousand pounds raised – woohoo!

Leanne at the charity messaged me to say a family had read the article in the paper and had made contact with the charity to get support for them because their daughter has cardiomyopathy but they only found out about the charity when they saw the article – that is even better news than the fundraising – I hope the CMA can make a difference to their lives – thank you Leanne.

So here are the photos of the event
Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come along – it was interesting watching your faces while it was being done! I think you were all more scared than I was!
Thank you to Beverly Macca who provided shots, flowers and a new woolly hat!

Thank you also to the very generous people who were passing by and put money in the bucket – greatly appreciated.
And apologies to anyone who was trying to get through Hoylake and wondered what on earth was going on!

Finally thank you to Claire who was definitely more scared than me and who is feeling very guilty about scalping me – thank you – I couldn’t have done it without you!

Enjoy the photos!