Dashing through the rain!

The Santa Dash proved to be a cold and damp experience but was enjoyed by many Santas.

Dad & Ben accompanied me and I managed it in about 50 mins which considering how little training I had been able to complete I was happy with.

There was  a fantastic drumming band which could be heard as your approached the last kilometre or so – great to keep your rhythm going.

There was an amazing sight as you began the hill up over the flyover of a constant stream of red with the blue Evertonian suits as well of course

All aboard the Santa train

All aboard the Santa train

I'm so cold!

I’m so cold!

See the trail of Santas over the flyover

See the trail of Santas over the flyover

Dashing past - nearly there

Dashing past – nearly there

Well done

Well done

Keep those knees up!

Keep those knees up!



















The best part of the day was breaking through the £2000 barrier on my fundraising – £2K in 2 months = very happy fundraising challenger!!!


This really is happening!?!?

So after another weekend with a very small amount of training – hour long hard session in the gym – reality has well and truly kicked in. The santa suit was picked up on Saturday and I realise it is now only 4 weeks to go. Argh!!!

Am also desperately trying to fit my head shave into the diary within November so watch this space for an update. There will of course be video and photographic evidence of this! Once I know the date I hope some of you will be able to come along and witness the event first hand!

Several friends have tried to put me off shaving my head by offering to sponsor me to not do it – perhaps they might like to sponsor me to do it, but buy me a hat as well!

Hello world!

I am going to be 40 in April 2014 and have decided to mark this occasion with a series of challenges throughout the next 12 months. I am hoping to raise at least £5000 for the cardiomyopathy association as my family has been deeply affected by cardiomyopathy with many members dying far too young.

If I can help raise awareness of the disease in even a small way then hopefully this will be a help to other families.

I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the ups and downs of the next 12 months and I really hope you can help me reach my target.

Thank you

Sarah x