Hair today, gone today!!!


So the day arrived and the nerves were really setting in. But then all the messages of support started arriving via text, facebook and twitter – so thank you to all of you!
Then the even better news – I had broken through the barrier of the first thousand pounds raised – woohoo!

Leanne at the charity messaged me to say a family had read the article in the paper and had made contact with the charity to get support for them because their daughter has cardiomyopathy but they only found out about the charity when they saw the article – that is even better news than the fundraising – I hope the CMA can make a difference to their lives – thank you Leanne.

So here are the photos of the event
Thank you so much to everyone who was able to come along – it was interesting watching your faces while it was being done! I think you were all more scared than I was!
Thank you to Beverly Macca who provided shots, flowers and a new woolly hat!

Thank you also to the very generous people who were passing by and put money in the bucket – greatly appreciated.
And apologies to anyone who was trying to get through Hoylake and wondered what on earth was going on!

Finally thank you to Claire who was definitely more scared than me and who is feeling very guilty about scalping me – thank you – I couldn’t have done it without you!

Enjoy the photos!

One week and counting!

Me & my boys

My boys

So I wasn’t scared about having my head shaved but everyone else’s genuine horror and shock at the thought of it is beginning to scare me!
What am I doing? I know I am a bit bonkers and maybe this is a step too far and then I remember why I am doing this.

Maybe people will stare, maybe they will ask questions but that just gives me another chance to talk about cardiomyopathy and how it has affected my family.

So it would be great if you could come along and see it happen. Thank you to the lovely girlies at Oasis in Hoylake who will be shaving my head on Saturday 23rd November at 3.30pm – several people have said they will be coming along to watch and cry! Hopefully some will come and smile!

So when you see me in the next few weeks with no hair, come and say hello, it will be great to talk to you!

This really is happening!?!?

So after another weekend with a very small amount of training – hour long hard session in the gym – reality has well and truly kicked in. The santa suit was picked up on Saturday and I realise it is now only 4 weeks to go. Argh!!!

Am also desperately trying to fit my head shave into the diary within November so watch this space for an update. There will of course be video and photographic evidence of this! Once I know the date I hope some of you will be able to come along and witness the event first hand!

Several friends have tried to put me off shaving my head by offering to sponsor me to not do it – perhaps they might like to sponsor me to do it, but buy me a hat as well!

Hello world!

I am going to be 40 in April 2014 and have decided to mark this occasion with a series of challenges throughout the next 12 months. I am hoping to raise at least £5000 for the cardiomyopathy association as my family has been deeply affected by cardiomyopathy with many members dying far too young.

If I can help raise awareness of the disease in even a small way then hopefully this will be a help to other families.

I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the ups and downs of the next 12 months and I really hope you can help me reach my target.

Thank you

Sarah x