Busy week

It has been a very busy and very humbling week

Trying to fit training in around work has meant gym visits at 6.30am but as I now have a new gym partner – Thank you Mrs Roberts – it is all so much more fun!

I was approached this week by a mum at school who is  running the Liverpool Half Marathon on 23rd March and asked if it was ok if she got sponsored for my charity! Yes please!!

It is so kind and makes this whole thing seem so worthwhile – so thank you Jan Hughes and good luck!


Secondly I received a phone call from my Aunt who’s son Billy died of cardiomyopathy 13 years ago to say that she is organising a lunch at the Golf Club in my home town to raise funds for my year of challenges as well.

As soon as I have more details I will update you – but thank you Marilyn and can’t wait to hear all about it. Hope I can be there!